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Brexit, Time to Take a Holiday To Britain!

Well it seems that 2016 might be time to get a good deal on that luxury watch. With an average decline in sale of 11.9% since June of 2015 and the Brexit disaster happening in Europe ad the fall of the British Pound I think you might find some dealers trying to move some stock. According to a Fortune story, the smart watch which was touted as a fad in the industry has doubled in sales in the past year. Now industry executives are realizing they are a real threat. They are also losing some of their status. I liken it to BMW, when I was a kid, only rich people owned BMWs, now it seems like they are as common as a Honda. A lawyer friend of mine summed it up quite well one day, “It seems like those high end watches only show up on older trial lawyers, everyone I know has a smart watch.”

nardinOne of my favorites, Ulysse Nardin Monaco. Only $12,000!

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