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We’re Moving On!


Ulysse Nardin’s Anchor Tourbillion

I’ve always loved the simplicity of a watch movement but times are changing. To be honest though, times have been changing for a while now. If you are familiar with any of the HYT or Urwerk watches you would say that watch design has already changed and you would be right. Materials have not followed that trend until now. Ulysse Nardin has started making pallet forks out of silicon. It

Silicon Pallet Fork

Silicon Pallet Fork

is anti-magnetic, extremely hard and very light weight. As a matter of fact it does not require pivots. The one piece pallet fork is suspended between the escape wheel and the balance. Ulysse Nardin has incorporated the design in their Anchor Tourbillion into their Classic Collection. You can read an interview with Ulysse Nardin’s Manager of Research and Development on Hodinkee.

Ulysse Nardin's Classic Collection

Ulysse Nardin’s Classic Collection

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