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24 Hour Watch


Paketa 24 hour watch


Speedmaster Day Date

When I first came across a 24 hour watch I have to admit I was a little confused. Not so much as to the regards of the design of the watch but more of “Why aren’t all watches like this. Having said that, I realize that for most Americans the idea of military time is a little confusing. I have my Casio work watch set on the 24 hour setting and more that once people have commented on it. The first 24 hour watch I came across was an old Paketa Russian watch that was selling on Ebay.


Hamilton 24 hour chronograph

The watches are popular with people in the military and pilots, pretty much anyone that does not have a normal schedule. I imagine that if you are on a submarine or flying around the globe chasing the sun, AM or PM would not mean much to you. My Speedmaster actually has a 24 hour dial at the 9 position. A feature that Omega dropped from the Speedmaster model lineup in the past few years.


Glycine 24 hour dial

There were a few Swiss brands that had a 24 hour dial here and there over the years like Hamilton and Breitling. Glycine and Fortis who are Swiss manufactures currently produce their “Pilot” models with 24 hour dials. When I get a chance I think I’ll pick up one of the many Russian models that are available on Ebay or Etsy just to have one in my collection. It is a great and logical design!

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