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It’s Just A Sticker

BidetNow I would like to talk about money, the reason people usually go into business, to make money. In this case I sent LUXE Bidet an email pointing out that the logo wasn’t straight and they might want to keep closer tabs on that. To my surprise I didn’t get the usual “Thank you for contacting us and we will look into the matter” email. LUXE Bidet offered to replace the unit immediately, they didn’t ask me to send in the old one, no return authorization, nothing. If I send them a copy of the receipt they will send me a new unit, completely free.  To say that is great customer service would be an understatement.

Was a $30 exchange plus the cost of shipping worth a crooked logo? No, I thanked them for their offer and declined. Was it financially a good decision for the company in regards of standing behind their product? Yes. Would it have been better to catch the problem before it made it into the box? Of course.

The real problem here was that the worker that applied the label to start with just didn’t care, their job was to put on a label and that’s what they did, finished. Now we can’t expect every worker on a production line to take pride in their work, I understand it’s a job for most and I get that, but we can put in place systems that reduce the chances of quality missteps, don’t leave things to chance. Now I have to commend LUXE Bidet for their customer service, but it would have been better both financially and brand wise if the original worker just took two more seconds to make sure the logo was straight.

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