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Finally, Someone’s Living The Dream (That I Actually Know)

Good for you James!

Many years ago while living in California I had the idea to start a free newsprint magazine and sell the advertising. LA Weekly was starting to get into full swing but I was in Orange County (long before it had a T.V. show named after it) and there seemed to be something lacking for the growing art scene. I talked and planned, then talked some more. Looked at every type of computer I would need, every possible program and had endless beer fueled conversations about halftone resolutions and line art. During another rant of “Should, Would, Could”, my friend James piped in and said “I think you should just buy a computer and get started, otherwise just shut the hell up about it!”. The next day I left Best Buy with a shiny new Mac and The Rind was born.

Though the magazine didn’t make it more than a year or two, it turns out my friend James is living a dream of his own. Brewing and selling his own beer in Germany. So far he and his cohorts have had a fair amount of press and seem to he holding their own in the home of beer. So, I’ll say it one more time, Good For You James!

James Tutor Black Sheep IPA

James Tutor Black Sheep IPA

His site can be found here: http://www.braukollektiv.com/

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