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A Little Intro

GlashutteAbout 25 years ago I was passing through ShenZhen, China and I stopped into the Luohu shopping mall to see what they had. This was on one of my first visits to China and I really had no idea about the copy market. Needless to say I was amazed at all the products that were for sale and the names they used. I saw “Panasony” televisions, some Yahama’ish  scooters, clothing and bags that I didn’t realize were copies of anything, and a lot of watches. At that point I wasn’t a watch addict and really didn’t know anything about watches. I pick up a watch that caught my eye with the name “Glashutte,” which I had never heard of. I just liked it, the price seemed ok and never really gave it another thought.

Then one day I noticed that the date was stuck between 27 and 28 and thought I’d try my hand at fixing it. What I did not know was how complicated a simple mechanical wrist watch was and how out of my league I was. Undaunted though I knew I needed to practice a little before I went to work on a watch that I loved. I then proceeded to start cruising car boot sales picking up any watch that didn’t work. After completely wrecking at least 20 watches (mostly from losing the tiny parts), I was starting to get a clue and felt comfortable enough to work on my “Glashutte.” I am happy to report that I still have that watch and it still runs well 25 years later.

Glashutte02Glashutte01To be honest though, I’ve never actually seen a Glashutte that matched mine exactly so it’s more of a homage than a copy. I think mine was more of a blend of these two watches from different companies that was put together by a graphic designer and some parts that were left over. Either way I still like it and it still works!