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Maybe you have an idea for a new product and don’t know how to get started. I can work with you and take your concepts from a rough idea to 3D model and onto working prototype. We can test parts and components for compatibility in the CAD environment using VentSolidworks and then have 3D samples printed out to check their viability. From there you can get quotes and start testing the market. With the ease of 3D printing you can have working samples within one week and quickly find problems and make corrections. Design and testing has never been easier.

Life SupportOr possible you just need a part to replace something that was lost or broken. A knob off an antique that you can’t buy any more or some other item that is hard to find. Maybe you3 would like your company logo in a 3D version, anything! If you can think of it we can probably make it. Feel free to intact me with your ideas and I’ll see how I can help, confidentiality guaranteed!