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I Have An Idea! What’s next?

Acer_PhoneLets face it, the world is smaller than it used to be. I cancelled my subscription to Popular Science because it seemed that any story about “new” products had already been on the internet for months. Not to mention I probably saw the video on YouTube last week. It used to be that you could go to Asia and find something cool or maybe have a new product made and be the first to market. Those days are over, Asian suppliers are selling directly. Through Ebay I have had products on my doorstep within two weeks of ordering at a fraction of the retail cost. Alibaba, the site we used to use to source manufacturers has spun off it’s own site Aliexpress that lets you buy one of just about any product you desire, no more do we need to buy a case lot to get the discount. I typed in Android Mobile Phone and got 95, 000. results with cell phones from companies like Lenovo and Acer. I guess it’s not surprising that one of the largest computer makers also has a line of cell phones.AliExpress

So you have an idea for the next best thing and want to see if you can make a go of it. Congratulations! We need more people to invent things, new ideas, new products, great! In a society where a top NASA engineer, a guy who can land a rover on another planet and drive it around, makes $105,000. a year but a college football coach can pull in 4 million for teaching teenagers to run on a field with a ball. No offense but my dog can out run any of those guys and he does it for free. We need more inventors, invention and determination is what keeps us ahead.

So how d3D_Printingo you do it, how do you get started? You get help. You get in contact with me to help you bring your hard work to market. Will it succeed? Will you be rich from your invention? Probably not, but with current technology we can make some prototypes and test the market without you breaking the bank. If all goes well then we find the right manufacturer to get the products on the shelf and into the hands of some customers! Now you’ve got a fighting chance of being successful. Got an idea? Contact me to get started.