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I Have an Idea, Now What?

So how does it actually work? You have an idea so how do you actaully procede? Let assume that you have a gone through the prototype stage and you have a sample to show a factory. The first thing you need to do is find the factory, you will probably have to apprach several and give them some time to some up with pricing. Keep in mind that this will a back and forth conversation that will take some time.

The next step will be the prototype phase. That is where the factory makes a prototype as close to what you have provided as they can. The reason for this is that your product might be designed for manufactuer which is common. I’ve designed several things for myself that I’ve had 3D printed but 3D printing and a CNC machined product are very different animals. So be prepared to for a lot of back and forth during a prototype process. The factories also charge for their time and product so keep that in mind.

So now you have a prototype and are ready to move ahead. The factory will want a deposit to cover the materials and once that is paid they will start the work. If you producing a retail product you would have had a similar process for the packaging. It’s a good idea to be at the factory when the first products start getting assembled to head off any possiblequality issues. Once the production has completed, the container wil be loaded and dropped of at the freight forwarder. 30 to 45 days later you get your product!

Kyle Albinus - Quality Engineer